Our Services

We provide assistant teachers, lead teachers and kitchen assistants for:

  • Daycare centers and pre-schools
  • After school programs
  • Summer camps
  • Churches
  • Civic and community organizations

Simply register with our service; no fees required. In order to better meet your needs we do ask that you try to schedule in advance, however, we do strive to meet those same-day needs.

Summer Camps

We can supplement your staffing needs on a daily or weekly basis. Same day service is available to meet those unexpected needs.


Our temporary staff can assist you with your childcare needs during services or evenings during meeting times.

Events and Conferences

We provide childcare for guests during special events and conventions. All sitters will adhere to our strict screening and guidelines.

A sign-in sheet will be provided as a security measure.

  • All children will be signed in and out by their parents and given an armband for identification purposes
  • Parents will provide a cell phone number that will be accessible at all times
  • Parents will indicate on the sign-in sheet whether (sample):
    • children can leave the event
    • can go in the pool
    • note any special instructions or needs
    • may watch age appropriate movies

Please contact us for information about our services, fees and cancellation policies: Miriam Petty